When Wednesday 10am-1pm

Tutor Lucinda Wait

Academic Figure Drawing Workshops with life model 

My Workshops are for the person who has always wanted to represent the world around them, to draw a recognisable portrait or to draw an anatomically correct figure. They will be guided classes for learning the fundamental techniques of ‘seeing’. Drawing is the foundation of my practice, the Academic methods of drawing allow you to leap ahead with accuracy and teach you how to see and self correct. My classes are open to all drawing levels, all that is required is enthusiasm.


Autumn Term with Life Model – we will focus on learning how to draw the human form form life using the sight size method – Tools required: HB pencil, white A4 paper, putty rubber. Sight size is the method of directly measuring what you see using a plumb line. It is the first tool for learning how to see and can be used for all types of drawing and painting. This tried and true method of drawing has been passed down from teacher to student since the time of the Old Masters.


Spring Term with Life Model – we will focus on learning how to see the portrait with accuracy using both sight size and the Loomis method of construction – Tools required: HB pencil, white A4 paper, putty rubber. A. Loomis 1892-1959 would have been the last generation to have regularly had the academic training familiar to the old masters. He distilled a method of figure drawing for his commercial art inventing a very systematic approach to understanding how to draw the portrait.


Summer Term with Life Model – we will focus on comparative drawing where we use one part of the body as our measure and constructive drawing where we look for long lines of simple structure to guide us to draw with accuracy – Tools required HB pencil, white and sanguine pencils, white and toned A4 paper, putty rubber. Special attention will be given to observing tone and shadow and learning how to interpret what we see. We will experiment with using different pencil hardness and drawing on white or toned paper using white and sanguine pencils.