The LADVAA (Lewes and District Visual Arts Association) Management Committee seeks to provide a safe and inclusive environment in support of art activities for all members using the Paddock Studios and facilities. Our aim is to provide the highest quality of experience and in that context we value all comments: those that help us to know that things are going well, but equally those indicating a need for change or improvement. All comments should be made to a tutor, a member of the Committee or to the Chair (contact details below).


Making a complaint:

If you have a complaint then please bring it to our attention so that the situation can be resolved. All complaints will be dealt with in confidence and in a timely and professional manner. Tutors or Committee members who receive a complaint should report it to the Chair, or in their absence the Vice-Chair, without delay. When making a complaint please give as much detail as possible to help us to conduct any necessary investigations quickly and effectively.


The procedure:

The complainant will be contacted to let them know their complaint has been registered and will be given an indication of when an outcome might be expected. During the procedure they will be kept up to date with the progress being made.


If the complaint concerns a tutor, another member or agent, the person(s) will be informed and invited to meet with designated Committee members to have the opportunity to respond to the issues raised. Committee members who are independent of the context of the complaint will be chosen but if this is not possible a third party outside of the organisation will be tasked to conduct the work. Either way the aim will be to secure clear information and evidence upon which to base any decisions and/or actions. These will always be proportionate and fair. The decision of the Committee will be final, although complainants who are not satisfied with the outcome can be signposted to adjudication bodies.



The Committee takes responsibility for the actions of all those acting for and on behalf of the organisation. In the event of any wrongdoing the Committee will acknowledge fault alongside the taking of actions to put things right; in the moment and for the future. When apologies are necessary they will be given; and will be considered and meaningful. The Committee views complaints as a potential source of learning and will always endeavour to use the outcomes to inform improvement in the experience of all those attending the Paddock.

Dated:             December 2023

Review date:   December 2024