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Class Creative Development: Mixed Media

As a creative practitioner and Occupational Therapist, I have worked with people using the arts to benefit in community, education and health settings. My work uses creativity as a tool for the physical and creative development and emotional well-being of people from many different backgrounds. I have developed many exciting and innovative arts projects that have inspired people’s creative capacity to learn and develop as unique individuals.

As a tutor I will be supporting the class in creating an environment to allow participants to immerse themselves in creativity. For many people, there is little opportunity to find this much needed space especially following the difficulties and restrictions during COVID. As an artist and creative practitioner, I feel really empowered to use this opportunity to create a space for people who are seeking the opportunity to develop their creativity for their own artistic development but also for their health and well being. As a printmaker who regularly exhibits and sells her work, I would like the opportunity to teach others printmaking techniques as well as supporting the exploration of creativity and being inspired by different artists who would like to share their artistic disciplines as well.