What dates can I book

Due to high demand bookings can only be taken for dates from the half term before the term that you wish to book.  For example if you wish to book for the Spring Term (Jan-March) you will have to wait until after the half term of the term before (October).   Current weekly Class Tutors can book at any time.

Book from Half term October for the Spring term Jan-March

Book from Half term February for the Summer term April-July

Book from Half term May for the Autumn term Sept-Dec

Check dates on calendar

If you wish to hire one of our studios, check on the calendar to see availability.

Main studio calendar

Stable studio and gallery calendar

Email the workshop co-ordinator

If the date that you want is free, send an email to studiohire@paddockartstudios.co.uk

Information that you need to provide in the email:  Date of workshop, Title of workshop, Time of workshop, Cost of workshop, Description of workshop, Contact details for booking the workshop.   All of this information will be displayed on our website.

Download booking form and register

You also need to complete the workshop booking form which you can download by clicking the link below. 

LADVAA workshop booking form

This needs to be returned to the Workshop co-ordinator, Paddock Art studios, Paddock Lane, Lewes, BN7 1TW together with the full fee.

You need to also download the attendance register by clicking the link below. 

Workshop attendance register

You will need this on the day of your workshop.  Don’t forget to take an envelope so that you can safely return the register.

Drop or Post Fee

You need to pay  the full fee for the period that you are booking, so that the booking can be confirmed.  Cheques payable to “LADVAA”.  Either drop this into the studio or send it by post to:  Workshop co-ordinator, Paddock Art Studios, Paddock Lane, Lewes, BN7 1TW.  Alternatively you can pay by BACS.  Please make sure that you include your course title and your name as a reference when you make a BACS payment. BACS payment details


We will advertise your workshop on our website, details can also be displayed in the main studio for all of our members to see.  All other publicity needs to be done by yourself.  A good place to advertise is the Tourist Office  and Whats on in Lewes 

It is advisable to put up posters in and around the Lewes area at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to your workshop.

If you have a poster or flyer, email or send this to us and we will put it up in the studio.  NOTE THAT THIS MUST BE IN JPEG FORMAT for the website.

Other information

The subject matter covered by workshops running at our studios must be related to the Arts and for adults only (16+).

Obtaining the key

You need to liaise with studiohire@paddockartstudios.co.uk who will arrange for you to get a key.  You must return the key after you have secured the building following your workshop, along with the register and money.


Stable studio and gallery – cost £15 per day during the week, £25 per day at weekends.  For exhibitions please contact us by telephone or email for a tailor-made quote

Main studio – cost £35 per day at weekends


All people attending the workshop must become members of the Paddock Art studios.  There is an annual membership of £20 per year (see membership page) or there is a daily membership rate of £1.50.  This covers the insurance.  The facilitator of the course must also have membership.  The membership cost is additional to the cost of the studio.