When Tuesdays 2pm-5pm

Tutor Lucinda Wait

Introducing Oil Painting: The What, Why and Hows

This course is designed for those who want to know more about the What, Whys and Hows of oil painting. Whilst studying for 4 years at the Barcelona Academy of Art to become a figurative artist I had the opportunity to learn from the artist teachers who had years of experimenting and studying under some of the last few living Masters and I am excited to pass on what I know. The first term will divide into 3 blocks and we will immediately start getting our hands dirty as I think “doing” is the best way of learning.

Block 1 – What Materials (4 weeks)
We will go through what you will need to start including what surfaces, brushes & paints to use. Also how to prepare your surface for painting and adding the first layer. Then painting in tones to understand values and warmth and finally using an introduction in Colour Theory and what paints to use and why.

Block 2 – The Hows and Whys of Painting (3 weeks)
This is where each artist can show their personal inspirations as you will use your choice of Master painting as reference. I will introduce you to the concept of strategising time usage and composition, including the use of mediums and paint thickeners.

Block 3 – The Hows and Whys of Details (4 weeks)
This will be the first time, if you choose, that drawing accuracy could be important. I will introduce you to tracing from a photo onto the canvas, how to blend, to create a sense of depth in your edges and how to apply paint thickly and thinly and when to do all of these things and why.

You will need to bring your own materials but I will provide some of the basics for experimentation. Open to all levels