When Wednesdays 2pm-5pm

Tutor Lucinda Wait

Learning how to see – Portrait Workshop

This series of workshops is designed for people who love to draw and learn, but also want self led time to experiment and grow their practice with the life model without interruption. I am using the term “drawing” in the sense that we draw with a pencil, charcoal or paint. I have adapted drawing exercises from the Atelier tradition best suited to the exploration of seeing and to growing our understanding of how to translate from the three dimensional to the 2 dimensional.

Summer Term 2024
For the first hour of each class the drawing exercises will focus on the portrait referencing the drawings of the Masters and self portraiture.
Each week we will focus on a different facet of drawing or feature of the portrait. We will then have 2 hours of self led drawing or painting practice from the wonderful life models in our district and I will draw or paint and learn alongside you.

You will need to bring your own materials but I will provide some of the basics for the drawing exercises.