When Tuesday 2pm-4.30pm

Tutor Serena Penman (Click for contact details and profile)

Info  These watercolour classes are essentially technique-based, for though watercolours aren’t necessarily harder to handle than other paints, they are different.  The classes offer a way into watercolour through learning to apply and handle the paint in various ways, with the aim of creating and controlling (where possible) the effect we want where we want it – wet on dry, flat washes, blends, wet on wet, different ways of mixing colour.  We tend to work from the real scene to gain practice in translating the three-dimensional world of appearances into the two dimensions of paper.  Any gaps in students’ knowledge of drawing and colour mixing (such as recognising tonal contracts, or modifying a colour with it complementary) will be addressed.  All are welcome – beginners and the more experienced.

Tuition is from a professional watercolourist and experienced tutor.

Cost is £110 for a 10 week term.

Examples of student work: